New Applicants

We appreciate looking for representation can be a very demoralising process. If it is of any comfort, 99% of the actors we have to say we cannot help, are turned down because we think we are not right for them or they clash with a current client and not because we have any doubts about their talent. (The other 1% we turn down because they are idiots).

If your heart is sinking looking at the amount of information we have put on this page to help you, or you intend sending us a 'cut and paste' message that you have sent to everyone, then I am afraid we are not the right agent for you. If you send a message to every agent you can find, at least have the sense to use 'bcc'. It is hilarious when we get a 'I particularly admire your agency' email and we can see it has been copied to 75 others. 

Mrs Jordan Associates has chosen to represent a relatively small client list.  To minimise potential frustration and to increase your chances of us liking you, we ask you to observe the following guidelines:

  • We would not represent anyone we have not seen work. You must either have a showreel or be inviting us to see you perform. Just send us a clip of something!
  • We always meet with potential clients for an informal discussion before we commit to coming along to a show. So, if your show is in the next few days, you have probably left it way too late.
  • Only contact us by email:  Please do not write in or send hard copy photographs, showreels and CV's
  • Just send us your Spotlight link and a short message about yourself. No attachments or long biographies please.
  • Do not email us massive files, flyers, photos, clips. It quickly clogs up our mailbox and to be blunt it means we have to 'clear you out' quickly. 
  • Please do not write the same message to every email address you can find for us. There is no point. You look like an idiot and it drives us nuts. 
  • Make sure you include your telephone number, remember your Spotlight link does not have it. 
  • You do not need to follow up your email with a telephone call. If you get our automated reply to your first message, we have your details and will be looking at them. This may take some time.
  • Please do not bother with a lot of hollow flattery about how wonderful we are, we already know! We also hope you have not 'been following us for years', that is what stalkers do. 
  • We strongly recommend you keep a spreadsheet of who you have written to and when. Receiving several applications from you in a month shows us that you are not focussed on what you are doing and not client material.
  • 'Dear All Agents' , 'To Whom It May Concern'  or just 'Hi', does not warm us to you. Our names are at the bottom of this page. We would not write back to 'Dear All Applicants' as it would be rude. 
  • Please do not describe yourself as 'bubbly'...that generally means a fluffy/irritating pea brain who thinks they are appealing when they are not. Grrr!
  • There are about 90,000 actors registered with Spotlight. Statistically it is unlikely agents will be queuing up to meet you. 'Clearly I am doing you a favour writing to you' or 'I am taking agent meetings next Wednesday' is not an endearing approach. 
  • Check your junk mail. Several applicants have missed invites to meet us because we end up in their spam folder. How dopey is that?
  • If you do not hold a UK passport that is fine but please let us know what your work status is here and in Europe
  • If we write to you and you take 3 days to reply to us, that does not send us very good signals about your efficiency standards. 
  • You would be surprised (hopefully) by the number of people who apply to us just before they go on holiday or similar and therefore cannot meet us. Wait until you are free to write! (sigh...)
  • We are invited to drama school showcases, so there is no need for students to duplicate this with their own invitations. However see below.

Current Vacancies: 

We are happy to hear from new applicants. However, we are seeking only the highest calibre, experienced actors/actresses with strong CV's (which must match their age).  As you will see with our client list we are particularly drawn to strong 'types'. Applicants must have TV/Theatre credits from at least 2019/2020 and be current members of Spotlight. Clearly we do not expect graduates to have an extensive CV.
We have clients based in London, Manchester, Liverpool, across the country and in Europe. 

Please note when we agree to meet people, we usually arrange a special session on a Saturday.  We think it is unfair to our clients to invite people to 'pop in' during the working week as it distracts us from our prime purpose. We do not hold zoom meetings with new applicants. It is beyond us how an agent could 'sell' someone to casting directors if they have never met them.

Graduates: We are happy to hear from graduates, however we are not a 'scoop them up/drop them next year' kind of an agency. We only take on 2 or 3 maximum per year (sometimes none) as we think it is important that we invest a considerable amount of effort into 'launching' them. Those we have taken on recently have been those who have started a dialogue with us several months/up to a year before they graduate. We like people who research and apply to us. If you are writing to us a few days or a few weeks before your final show you have probably left it too late for us to consider you or fit you in. Don't expect to be approached after a showcase, use your initiative. (A little tip: don't bunch together with your colleagues after your showcase. It is quite awkward to go up to a group and effectively say 'I like you, but not you'. A bit like that ghastly 'picking teams' at school).  

Try not to get down-hearted by the rejections you receive. It is ghastly but unfortunately a prominent part of a life as an actor. We do promise we will look at every application very carefully and this may take some time.

Sean &  Guy  

(Please note several applicants have their emails to us 'bounce' because they are spelling the word 'Jordan' incorrectly. Dumb eh?).