Mrs Jordan Associates represents a small number of clients who range from those who have performed at the RSC, The Royal National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe, The Old Vic and in leading television roles to recent graduates.

We have clients based around the country.

We pride ourselves on a very thorough understanding of our clients' experience, skills and aspirations. We are committed to making constructive and appropriate submissions to casting professionals, as we strongly believe any other type of approach is fruitless for all.

We bring over 40 years experience supported by strong business skills.

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Clients' credits include:

Television: ''Boys','Quiz', 'The Pale Horse', 'His Dark Materials', 'Moving On', 'Four Weddings & A Funeral’,’ The Crown’, ‘'Pennyworth', 'Killing Eve', ' Bodyguard', 'Shakespeare & Hathaway', '7 Days That Rocked Elton John', 'Summer of Rockets', 'Holby’, 'Eastenders', 'Humans', ‘'Homeland', 'Silent Witness', 'Emmerdale', 'Dr Who', 'Casualty', 'Call the Midwife', 'Game of Thrones', 'Coronation Street', 'Doctors'.  

Stage: 'Peter Pan Goes Wrong' (Tour)  ‘Toast', 'The Mousetrap', 'Stepping Out', 'RSC 2019 Season', ‘Our Country’s Good (Tour),'Aliens Love Underpants' (Tour), ‘Art’ (Tour), 'Ink' (West End), 'Funny Girl' (Tour), 'This House' (West End & National Theatre), 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' (West End), Joseph/Dreamcoat (Tour), 'Horrible Histories' (Tour). 

Feature films: 'Eurovision', 'Mister Mayfair', 'Creation Stories', 'The Conductor', 'Borg V McEnroe', 'The Mummy’, ‘God’s Own Country', 'Assassin's Creed', 'Florence Foster Jenkins', 'London Has Fallen', 'Bond 24/ Spectre', 'Mission Impossible 5', 'Grimsby', 'Suffragette'

……and 'The Archers'

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Mrs Jordan Associates Ltd. is a member of the Personal Managers Association.

Clients' current and recent work: Lizzie Muncey joining West End cast of 'The Mousetrap' - Tigger Blaize to film on 'Casualty' - Mark Brent to film on 'Emmerdale' - James Sobol Kelly appearing in 'Cops' at Southwark Playhouse - Max Wilson to appear in 'Potted Potter' in Chicago - Amber Edlin to play Helena Coyne in 'Doctors' -Tigger Blaize filming on new series 'Boys' -Kiran L Dadlani to play Priti in new series of 'Cold Feet' - Matthew Curnier & Peter Willoughby appearing in Panto - Tom Allenby appearing in 'The Snow Queen'- Steve Cain to film on 'Coronation Street' - Andrew Piper to film on The Crown Series 4 - Fergus Rattigan to play Mr Campbell in '4 O'Clock Club' - Martin Buchan to film on TV series 'The Pale Horse' - Andrei Zayats working on feature films 'Eurovision' & 'Mister Mayfair' - Clare Kissane playing Cherie Blair in feature film 'Creation Stories' - Katy Daghorn to tour as Sandra in 'Peter Pan Goes Wrong' - Martin Buchan to film as Mr Rowe in 'Moving On'- Christopher Buckley to play Eugene in 'Brighton Beach Memoires' in Frinton - Tigger Blaize playing Amy in 'Just A Girl' for Radio 4 - Nigel Barber filming on Swedish TV series 'Hamilton'- Christopher Buckley to play Koyla in 'A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich' for Radio 4 - Eugenia Low appearing with Secret Cinema - Chris Gunter to play Ziggy Stubbs in 'Doctors'- Margaret Jackman to play Maisie in 'Casualty' - Adam Wittek & Chris Casey to appear in 'Terror' -Suzanne Procter to appear as Maxine in 'Stepping Out' at The Stephen Joseph - Andrew Piper filmed on new series of Dr Who - Chan Shoker filmed episodes of 'Emmerdale' - Nora Connolly to play Mrs Brule in new TV series 'Four Weddings & A Funeral'- James El-Sharawy appeared in 'Cry Havoc' Park Theatre - Margaret Jackman played Rosalin in 'Coronaton Street' - Lizzie Muncey appearing in 'Toast'- Nigel Barber in feature film 'Sound of Philadelphia -James Sobol Kelly filmed on 'The Crown' - Tom Dawze in RSC 2019 season - Billy Lydon filmed 'Not Going Out' - Margaret Jackman to play Edna in new TV series 'Pennyworth' - Max Wilson appeared in 'Potted Potter' in the US - Andrew Piper to play David Furnish in '7 Days That Rocked Elton John'- Adam Wittek played Dimitri in 'Shakespeare & Hathaway'- James Sobol Kelly to play Norris Bradbury in feature film 'Adventures of a Mathematician'- Danny Chase seen as Duffy Reynolds in 'Doctors' - Riley Anderson filming as Graeme in 'London Recruits'


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